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Easy Payment

• Include Easy Payment for Product and Services & Easy Payment for Motorcycles

• Wide variety of financial solutions from electrical item, furniture to travel financing

• More than 4,000 merchant nationwide

• NO guarantor and collateral

• Interest rate as low as 0.8% per month

• Monthly repayment of up to 36 months

General Easy Payment

We believe in giving you nothing but the best. That is why we have introduced AEON-Xpress Easy Payment Scheme for purchase of electrical appliances, furniture, build-in-cabinets, Personal Computer, Camera, Video Camera, Health Equipment, Musical Instruments, auto gates, home security system, gold and Jewellery and etc through more than 4,000 appointed merchant’s stores throughout the nation at your Convenience.

Now, AEON is offering you an unprecedented 36 months’ installment period with competitive interest charge. So Why wait? Apply our scheme now to own your desire products via our participating dealers. Check out our innovative AEON-Xpress Easy Payment Scheme with competitive rates and flexible installment period. Experience the convenience of AEON Xpress Easy Payment Scheme which has received wide acceptance in the market


1.Lower interest rate and 30 minutes approval for AEON Credit Card and AEON Express Card holders. 60 minutes approval for other credit card holders.

2.All the points rate are on monthly basis and minimum monthly payment shall not less than RM49.00 per month.

other information please log on to http://www.aeonmalaysia.com.my/